Roundabout has been open 4 months now!

A big thank you to all of the folks who have participated in RoundAbout in the past 4 months. 

The space has been utilized for so many wonderful events so far:

Oops the Clown and Mister Cheez all the way from New Orleans performed a circus show of hoops and drums and giggles for the OopsieQue BBQ

Delmar Gardens  invited us out to their Hippy Love Fest where Re/Fuse, Inc. upcycled styrofoam into mandalas with a great crowd deep into the night.

Resonator (aka Dope Chapel) threw a Kick It & Create which was a great mix of ages and media. Folks were writing plays, sewing, drawing, embroidering, editing photography, making upcycled pieces, crocheting and really made it feel like a live studio.

Touring Author Michelle Embree, and Musician Ladybabymiss performed their collaboration: Make Beautiful Things on the porch in the back yard as lightning played in the sunsetting sky while afterwards Ashton Kohl Arnoldy screened his film: Areté Already to a sweet audience of folks sharing couches and blankets during an epic thunderstorm.

We had 2 wonderful make and take outreaches at our neighbor’s Wheeler Ferris Wheel. Re/Fuse Inc. and great volunteers helped folks of all ages make Ferris Wheels out of upcycled styrofoam, cardboard, and coffee filters.

OKC Flea welcomed us at the OKC Farmer’s Market four times with Re/Fuse, Inc. to make a recycled garden, become mermaids and pirates, build robots, and to trick or treat for Halloween.

Due to the unprecedented flooding in Southern Louisiana BC Summers reached out to Elecktra Stanislava who was able fill a lineup of generous Oklahoma musicians willing to play a fundraiser called Okies Love Louisianans in 4 hours . Anthem Beer donated beer, El Rancho Salsa donated salsas and James Varnum donated food to make gumbo and hot dogs and ice for the beer.  The HiLo Club donated their proceeds from their Sunday Buffet which was such a beautiful thing to do, and folks had a great time eating, enjoying the live music, hanging out with friends, playing horseshoes and dancing at the end of the night. This sweet lil article was written up about it: and folks dropped off art supplies and school supplies and food supplies and houseware supplies and cleaning supplies for folks they might never ever meet but they felt their loss. Half of the funds were split with Together Baton Rouge and the other half with all of the donations was given to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Baton Rouge

Next thing you know BC Summers met up with the Calle Dos Cinco Historic Capital Hill to see how RoundAbout and Re/Fuse, Inc. could help out with the upcoming Fiestas de las Americas. It just so happened that the yearly street festival was on the same day as the Global Cardboard Challenge  and so of course the next month was spent picking up cardboard and recieving cardboard donations from great folks like Leap Coffee Roasters and challenging folks to make amazing cardboard creations to show off at the Fiestas de las Americas on Historic Capitol Hill. The Capitol Hill Association were an amazing group of people to work with!

RoundAbout held a mini challenge the week before where homeschooling families and public school families and private school families met for the first time to share duct tape, stories about their kids, friendship, and cardboard creations together.

The official Global Cardboard Challenge in OKC took place in a huge lot on Capitol Hill beginning before dawn when the kids’ races began and throughout the day families had a ball experimenting with painting and sculpting cardboard creations. Over 200 folks attended the cardboard  joining a global event where people all over the world used their imaginations upcycling cardboard into games, art, and re-useful objects! Special thanks to the volunteers who helped throughout the festival day!

Cheers to an amazing 4 months and to the many months of imagination and community events to come!