Live on the Plaza Earth Day

Invited by Dig It on the Plaza to help celebrate an Earth Day themed event during the LIVE on the Plaza event, ReFuseOKC had a blast with all of the folks who joined us to construct Flowers out of Plastic Bottles into the pretty Spring night! It also happened to be the National Day of Sculpture, and some of the flower designs were very sculpturesque. We brought along some different tools to share with guests and it was wonderful teaching kids the names and techniques on safe and creative utilization of those tools. Saying “Needle Nose Pliers” five times fast was fun, and at one point a smart 8 year old girl started teaching the other kids around her to how use the pliers to cut wire. The confidence instilled in her and the other kids by using “grown up” tools was awesome. One little boy said, “that’s the first time I got to use the BIG scissors” and shared the biggest grin. A family worked together saying they were going to upcycle their bottles with their homeschool group after making pretty individual flowers for each other. A 17 year old kid said, “Alot of the kids my age would think it’s weird to be making stuff out here, but I don’t care, it’s more fun than sitting around.” and he designed a rad plastic flower that was in a Cubist style reminiscent of a Pitcher Plant. One family with a bunch of friends and their kids spent almost 2 hours enjoying painting, cutting and beading with us, with 2 of the little boys attempting to say Upcycle in Pig Latin. New ideas abounded with some folks making huge flowers out of bigger bottles and stringing the stems with beads and some folks figuring out how to attach the flowers to their hair and make them spin like pinwheels. All ages of folks joined us in the fun. Thank you to all who participated and to our friends at Dig It and the Plaza and Fertile Ground and our lovely volunteers: Paul Maupin and James Varnum! So Happy Early Earth Day, and if you missed out or want to make flowers out of upcycled plastic bottles we’ll be out at the Wheeler Ferris Wheel making them again for Mothers’ Day on Saturday May 13th! 

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