Live on the Plaza Earth Day

Invited by Dig It on the Plaza to help celebrate an Earth Day themed event during the LIVE on the Plaza event, ReFuseOKC had a blast with all of the folks who joined us to construct Flowers out of Plastic Bottles into the pretty Spring night! It also happened to be the National Day of Sculpture, and some of the flower designs were very sculpturesque. We brought along some different tools to share with guests and it was wonderful teaching kids the names and techniques on safe and creative utilization of those tools. Saying “Needle Nose Pliers” five times fast was fun, and at one point a smart 8 year old girl started teaching the other kids around her to how use the pliers to cut wire. The confidence instilled in her and the other kids by using “grown up” tools was awesome. One little boy said, “that’s the first time I got to use the BIG scissors” and shared the biggest grin. A family worked together saying they were going to upcycle their bottles with their homeschool group after making pretty individual flowers for each other. A 17 year old kid said, “Alot of the kids my age would think it’s weird to be making stuff out here, but I don’t care, it’s more fun than sitting around.” and he designed a rad plastic flower that was in a Cubist style reminiscent of a Pitcher Plant. One family with a bunch of friends and their kids spent almost 2 hours enjoying painting, cutting and beading with us, with 2 of the little boys attempting to say Upcycle in Pig Latin. New ideas abounded with some folks making huge flowers out of bigger bottles and stringing the stems with beads and some folks figuring out how to attach the flowers to their hair and make them spin like pinwheels. All ages of folks joined us in the fun. Thank you to all who participated and to our friends at Dig It and the Plaza and Fertile Ground and our lovely volunteers: Paul Maupin and James Varnum! So Happy Early Earth Day, and if you missed out or want to make flowers out of upcycled plastic bottles we’ll be out at the Wheeler Ferris Wheel making them again for Mothers’ Day on Saturday May 13th! 

TradeShare/ReFuse Summer Camp at OKC Farmers Market

TradeShare is partnering with ReFuse OKC and the OKC Farmers Market District to host a 2 week Summer Camp Program June 19th-24th and July 24th-29th, 2017. 

TradeShare camp incorporates the local community by partnering with the Farmers Market vendors and businesses that focus on sustainable arts, gardening, cooking, and community action. 

Each day campers help facilitate making lunch and snacks for themselves alongside local vendors and chefs with locally sourced foods with an invitational brunch for family and friends on Saturday from the OSU/OKC Farmer’s Market.

Campers and their families are also invited to take the Oklahoma River Cruise and visit the Wheeler Ferris Wheel as a part of the Summer Camp experience.

Each week is imbued with activities and guests exploring: Theatre, Inquiry Based Learning, Media & Communication, Upcycled Sewing with Howlpop, Gardening and Composting, Wildcrafting with Clarissa Sharp, Cooking with Katy Gartz and Vuong Nguyen, Dance with Joseph Misner, Sports with Balthazar Hensley from BLOW and Paul Maupin, Film with Nicole Emmons-Willis, Science with Joey Rodman and Michael Centola, Comedy with James Nghiem & Music with Jon Mooneyham/Sun Riah/Todd Jackson/Levi Watson and Circus Performers Chase Vegas/Cassidy Queerface/Ooops the Clown to Local Farmers Ian Fuller and Food Producers with Visual Artists: Kristopher Kanaly/Klair Larason/Betty Refour/Eric Piper/Erin Latham/Romy Owens/Narciso Arg├╝elles/Julie Yang/Rick Sinnett/Kjelshus Collins/Tony Westlund and Community Leaders like Lindsey Kanaly.  Promoting learning and problem solving skills from a Whole Maker Perspective.

Guests joining the TradeShare camp schedule are invited to share their work with the campers leaving an impression of mentorship that lasts a lifetime.

 It is so impactful for the kids to meet artists and community leaders in person as you most likely know. TradeShare summer camp programming is not traditional to a classroom setting. The camp programming is modeled more after a mix between a live museum atmosphere and a drop in center. Campers are offered multiple areas set up with access to project materials and guests covering visual arts, science, gardening, and cooking techniques. Sometimes guests just drop in and work in one of the project areas with the campers, and sometimes they drop in and the campers invited to interact with the guests’ “show and tell”, demo, or performance.

60% of campers are from Scholarships and 40% are paying campers. All proceeds go to supplies, field trip costs and to the non profit ReFuseOkc which donates upcycled materials to teachers, artists, and students.

Camp registration:

If you’d like to register your kids, volunteer, assist with a scholarship or be a guest you can find

more information and registration at

Upcycled Ferris Wheel Contest!

RoundAbout’s neighbor the Wheeler Ferris Wheel had their Grand Re-Opening this last Saturday where ReFuse offered donated materials for guests to compete by making Upcycled Ferris Wheels. All ages participated using materials such as toilet paper rolls, stick pieces, mardi gras beads ect….! Watching cousins, couples, sisters, dad and daughters, and a grandmother/daughter/granddaughter all creating together was inspiring. We met alot of new friends and some old friends came out to visit as well. Local artists like Clarissa Sharp joined us and it seemed like everyone participated and shared even if they were strangers to eachother. The engineering that went into the ferris wheels was great too! So many different designs of how to make the wheel turn. There was a lot of pride that went into figuring it out. We used no templates and answered all the questions of “How do I do it?”s with another question, “How do you think it’s done?” No ferris wheel was alike but all were innovative. The Wheeler Ferris Wheel folks were very generous to donate a Season Pass to whichever Upcycled Ferris Wheel got the maximum votes. During Saturday 3 out of the 22 entered tied for the vote so we’ve extended the vote to that final 3 for the week. If you’d like to participate and vote for your favorite, go to the ReFuseOKC Facebook Page The winner will be announced next Saturday. 

Women’s March Oklahoma

It got tall and its branches reached to the left and the right and the front and the back and way WAY WAY up to the clouds, and it was always growing bigger. We talked about how sometimes you want things to change but it seems impossible, like you’re not making progress, like nothing will ever be different but if you keep going and working and watering it and feeding it and giving it light one day you’ll wake up and realize everything changed. Everything is bigger, everything is better, everything is growing and changing right in front of us all the time and we just have to wait for it.


One resident Mister Kenneth said, “Usually I’m forgotten at Christmas, but this here is nice and makes me feel good.” Another resident said the tree was beautiful and that they only had one wish this year now: to have a new and better mobile chair. That resident was aptly named “Joy” and here is a link to Joy’s gofundme page: . Happy Holidays ya’ll! And thank you for your generous hearts!