ReFuse, Inc


ReFuse, Inc is a non profit organization that designs artistic futures for raw materials to serve as a conduit between art supplies, up/re cycling, and hands on education to artists, teachers and all ages of individuals and families in the community.

ReFuse, Inc works with local teachers/artists/students/businesses/organizations to re-circulate arts supplies as well as accept materials for donation.

ReFuse, Inc’s mission is to expand the ability of reclaimed materials to supply arts education and materials to more teachers, artists and students in the Oklahoma City community with public outreaches for more accessiblity to the community’s afterschool and after work schedules.

Creative reuse of  materials headed to landfills or cluttering up storage spaces as learning tools assists teachers filling the gap of lessening arts budgets while helping make links in the communication of individuals and organizations who are working in the arts and sustainability.

  • ReFuse works to help OKC teachers have to pay less out of pocket for classroom supplies.
  • Hosts outreaches where local children that had never been able to experience the problem solving and creative outlets of art now have continued access to paints, glue, clay, fiber arts, costumes, and projectors…
  • Creative minds of students and artists of the city that never had enough money to buy frames to enter their work into art shows now had a place to learn how to make their own or be given them.
  • Because of the resource reclamation center ReFuse, Inc operationalizes waste products like plastics and styrofoams and cardboard that end up in landfills and pollute our state are instead being imagined as sustainable creations that inspire people to use less, waste less, share and be mindful of where it all goes.
  • ReFuse, Inc is serving an integral role in building out the infrastructure necessary to make sustainable arts culture accessible to every person in the community regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Resource Reclamation Center



ReFuse, Inc and materials are available for hands on make and create outreaches.

ReFuse, Inc has coordinated with Fresh-Start OKC at the Homeless Alliance, Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, The Oklahoma City Housing Authority, Individual Artists of Oklahoma, The Wheeler Ferris Wheel, SixTwelve, Calle Dos Cinco in Historic Capitol Hill, Natural Awakenings, Paseo Arts Association, Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma, Dope Chapel, Current Studio, Plaza District Association, Cleveland Elementary, Cesar Chavez Elementary, Fertile Ground, Goodwill Industries, Delmar Truck Gardens, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, OKC Public Farmers Market, Deluxe OK, Oklahoma Arts Council, Haus Bioceuticals, OKC Flea, Sustainable OKC, Sierra Club, City of OKC Office of Sustainability, Myriad Gardens, Coca Cola Bottling Company, Oklahoma City Arts Council, Science Museum Oklahoma, Open Streets OKC, Garden Fest, and TradeShare.



  • Various materials are accepted (EVERYTHING toilet paper rolls to fine arts materials)
  • Call or email for pickup/drop off
  • TradeSharing is encouraged